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Science for kids - Questions and Answers 2

Learn kids science questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as what happens if excess lactic acid is produced?, what is anaerobic respiration?, how is oxygen transported to cells?, where does respiration take place?, what are by-products of respiration?, and many others.

Science Prepration Exam Notes 2

  1. What happens if excess lactic acid is produced
  2. What is anaerobic respiration
  3. How is oxygen transported to cells
  4. Where does respiration take place
  5. What are by-products of respiration
  6. How does air enter our lungs
  7. How does air reach blood vessels
  8. What is trachea or windpipe
  9. What is bronchus
  10. What is bronchiole
  11. What is alveolus
  12. What is major component of respiration
  13. What are products of respiration
  14. What is concentration of components in deoxygenated blood
  15. What is diaphragm
  16. What are intercoastal muscles
  17. Which muscles make our chest move
  18. What happens to chest when we inhale
  19. What happen when we exhale
  20. Why is it better to breathe through nose
  21. How is air processed in nose
  22. What are Cilia and why are they important
  23. Why we should not breathe through mouth
  24. Does bronchi and bronchioles process air
  25. What is cough
  26. Why is cold caused
  27. What are symptoms of cold
  28. How can cold prevented
  29. What is flu
  30. How flu virus enters
  31. What are first symptoms of flu
  32. How body tries to fight flu virus
  33. How is flu treated
  34. What is result of viruses when we sneeze
  35. Why should tissue paper or handkerchief used
  36. What is Asthma
  37. What is temporary cure of Asthma
  38. What is an inhaler
  39. What are some major causes of asthma
  40. What causes make asthma worse
  41. What is tobacco smoking
  42. How many chemicals are used in tobacco smoke
  43. What is major content of cigarette
  44. What is Nicotine
  45. What are effects of Nicotine
  46. Which harmful chemical is black in color
  47. How does tar damage lungs
  48. What happens if less oxygen is absorbed in blood
  49. What are chances of smoker of getting lung cancer
  50. What gas is present in cigarette