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Science for kids - Questions and Answers 1

Learn kids science questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as what are carbohydrates and functions?, what are proteins and functions?, what are fats and functions?, what are minerals and functions?, what are vitamins and functions?, and many others.

Science Prepration Exam Notes 1

  1. What are carbohydrates and functions
  2. What are proteins and functions
  3. What are fats and functions
  4. What are minerals and functions
  5. What are vitamins and functions
  6. What is our body made up of
  7. How are small molecules transported
  8. Why large molecules cannot absorb into blood
  9. How long is digestive tract
  10. How can large molecules pass through digestive tract
  11. What is digestion
  12. What is mechanical process in digestion
  13. What is chemical process in digestion
  14. What is absorption
  15. What is egestion
  16. What is digestive system
  17. What is first step of digestive process
  18. After chewing where does food go
  19. What happens to food in stomach
  20. Which enzyme acts on food in stomach
  21. After digestion in stomach where does food move
  22. What happens in small intestine
  23. Why are Villi essential
  24. How is starch processed
  25. How are proteins digested
  26. How are fats digested
  27. How is food absorbed
  28. Where is digestive food transported
  29. What happens to glucose in liver
  30. What is glycogen and where is it stored
  31. What happens to proteins in liver
  32. What happens to excess amino acids in liver
  33. What is absorbed in large intestine
  34. What is faeces
  35. Where is faeces stored
  36. What is ratio of water and bacteria in faeces
  37. Where does bacteria in faeces come from
  38. What is food poisoning
  39. What is indigestion
  40. How can indigestion cured
  41. What happens if excess juice is secreted in stomach
  42. What is diarrhea
  43. Whah happens in diarrhea and when it stops
  44. What is constipation
  45. Why does constipation occur
  46. How can constipation be prevented
  47. How is energy formed
  48. What is aerobic respiration
  49. What is meant by aerobic
  50. What happens if sufficient oxygen is not present