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Grade 9 Chemistry MCQs with Answers PDF Download

Grade 9 Chemistry Topics for MCQs

The topics covered for grade 9 chemistry questions answers are as:

  1. Elements Compounds and Mixtures
  2. Ions and Free Radicals
  3. Oxidation and Reduction
  4. Electronic Configuration
  5. Types of Solutions
  6. Periodic Table
  7. Empirical and Molecular formulas
  8. Isotopes
  9. Electrochemical Industries
  10. Branches of Chemistry
  11. Chemical Calculations
  12. Corrosion and Prevention
  13. Atomic and Mass Number
  14. Avogadro Number and Mole
  15. Periodicity and Properties
  16. Types of Bonds
  17. Metals
  18. Relative Atomic Mass and Mass Unit
  19. Solid State and Properties
  20. Intermolecular Forces
  21. Electrochemical Cells
  22. Molecular and Formula Mass
  23. Non-Metals
  24. Liquid State and Properties
  25. Atomic Structure Experiments
  26. Typical Properties
  27. Oxidation States
  28. Gas Laws
  29. Concentration Units
  30. Aqueous Solution Solute and Solvent
  31. Oxidation Reduction and Reactions
  32. Elements and Compounds Particles
  33. Solubility
  34. Bonding Nature and Properties
  35. Saturated Unsaturated Supersaturated and dilution of solution
  36. Chemical bonds
  37. Gram Atomic Mass Molecular Mass and Gram Formula
  38. Atoms Reaction
  39. Solutions Suspension and Colloids
  40. Allotropes
  41. Oxidizing and Reducing Agents
  42. Physical States of Matter