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Avogadro Number and Mole MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Avogadro number and mole Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), avogadro number and mole quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, 9th grade chemistry tests. Practice Fundamentals of Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Avogadro Number and Mole quiz questions PDF for online school and college. The App Avogadro Number and Mole MCQ e-Book PDF Download: branches of chemistry, empirical and molecular formulas, ions and free radicals, elements compounds and mixtures test prep for taking online classes.

The MCQ: A mole of any substance contains PDF, "Avogadro Number and Mole MCQ" App Download (Free) with 6.022 * 1022 particles, 6.022 * 1023 particles, 6.022 * 1024 particles, and 6.022 * 1025 particles choices for online school and college. Solve fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for free online courses.

Class 9 Chemistry: Avogadro Number and Mole MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: A mole of any substance contains

A) 6.022 * 1022 particles
B) 6.022 * 1023 particles
C) 6.022 * 1024 particles
D) 6.022 * 1025 particles

MCQ: 1 mole of a substance refers to

A) molar mass
B) atomic mass
C) electron mass
D) neutron mass

MCQ: 6.022 * 1023 atoms of Sulphur contains

A) 2 moles
B) 3 moles
C) 4 moles
D) 1 mole

MCQ: If one mole of carbon contains x atoms then the number of atoms in 12g of Mg are

A) x
B) 0.5x
C) 2x
D) 1.5x

MCQ: The number of atoms of hydrogen in 2 moles of NH3

A) 5 * 1023
B) 3.01 * 1023
C) 3.61 * 1024
D) 4 * 1023

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