Solutions Suspension and Colloids MCQs Online Quiz PDF Download

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on solutions suspension and colloids quiz answers PDF to study secondary school chemistry for online certificate courses. Learn solutions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "solutions suspension and colloids" quiz questions and answers for online study. Learn aqueous solution solute and solvent, types of solutions, concentration units, solutions suspension and colloids test prep for online teaching certification programs.

"In solutions the particles are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on types of hardness of water with choices invisible, visible by naked eye, visible by ordinary microscope, and visible by electron microscope for online study. Free chemistry student portal for online learning solutions quiz questions for distance learning classes.

MCQs on Solutions Suspension and Colloids PDF Download

MCQ: In solutions the particles are

  1. invisible
  2. visible by naked eye
  3. visible by ordinary microscope
  4. visible by electron microscope


MCQ: When the tiny particles of a substance are dispersed through a medium then the mixture is called

  1. alloys
  2. amalgams
  3. suspension
  4. colloid


MCQ: The particle size in suspension is

  1. less than 103 nm
  2. 102 nm
  3. greater than 103
  4. 10 nm


MCQ: Colloids can

  1. scatter light
  2. not scatter light
  3. absorb heat
  4. evolve heat