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Construction of Frequency Polygon MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Construction of frequency polygon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice construction of frequency polygon quiz answers PDF, grade 10 10th grade math worksheets for online degrees. Solve basic statistics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Construction of Frequency Polygon" quiz questions and answers for online certificate courses. Learn measures of dispersion, construction of histograms, frequency distribution, measures of central tendency, construction of frequency polygon test prep for online high school classes.

"In a cumulative frequency polygon, frequencies are plotted against" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on radia waves transmission with choices mid-point, upper class boundaries, class limits, and frequency distribution for online certificate courses. Solve basic statistics quiz questions for online certificate programs for distance learning.

MCQs on Construction of Frequency Polygon PDF Download eBook

MCQ: In a cumulative frequency polygon, frequencies are plotted against

  1. mid-point
  2. upper class boundaries
  3. class limits
  4. frequency distribution


MCQ: A frequency polygon is a many sided

  1. rectangle
  2. triangle
  3. histogram
  4. closed figure