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Science for kids - Questions and Answers 4

Learn kids science questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as how does blood flow in veins?, what are properties of blood present in veins?, what is quantity of blood in an adult?, what is blood?, which cell is found in highest amount in blood?, and many others.

Science Prepration Exam Notes 4

  1. How does blood flow in veins
  2. What are properties of blood present in veins
  3. What is quantity of blood in an adult
  4. What is blood
  5. Which cell is found in highest amount in blood
  6. What are red blood cells made up of
  7. How much is life of red blood cell
  8. Where are dead red blood cells broken
  9. Where are red blood cells made
  10. How does red blood cells pass through capillaries
  11. What is quantity of re blood cells in blood
  12. What is job of red blood cells
  13. What differs in types of white blood cells
  14. What is size of white blood cell
  15. What is quantity of white blood cells in blood
  16. What is main job of white blood cells
  17. How does white blood cell deplete germ
  18. What happens after white blood cell eats bacteria
  19. What is yellow pus
  20. Some white blood cells do not eat bacteria what do they do
  21. What are antibodies
  22. What are platelets
  23. What is quantity of platelets in blood
  24. What is job of platelets
  25. What is plasma
  26. What is job of plasma
  27. Which blood protein is found in plasma
  28. What is job of fibrinogen
  29. What is another blood protein found in blood
  30. What is job of an antibody
  31. Why are circulatory disease harmful
  32. What is anemia
  33. Why is iron important
  34. What is hemophilia
  35. How is hemophilia caused
  36. Why is hemophilia dangerous
  37. What is thrombosis
  38. Why is thrombosis dangerous
  39. How thrombosis can damage our heart
  40. What are varicose veins
  41. Are varicose veins dangerous
  42. What is meant by leaking of heart valves
  43. What is faulty pacemaker
  44. What are pacemakers
  45. Why are pacemaker cells important
  46. What is treatment of faulty pacemaker
  47. What is an artificial pacemaker
  48. What is diabetes
  49. What is insulin
  50. What happens to excess glucose in diabetic person