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Food Energy and Respiration - Science Learning 12

Practice Food Energy and Respiration questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what are initial effects of tobacco smoke?, what causes smoker to cough?, what are bad effects of smokers cough?, what if cough is vigorous?, what is emphysema? and others below.

Food Energy and Respiration Learning 12

What are initial effects of tobacco smoke?

Answer: The first effect of tobacco smoke are that the bronchioles narrow and the cilia lining located in the air passage stop moving and working. Moreover, smoke also makes the cilia lining produce more smoke.

What causes smoker to cough?

Answer: A smoker coughs when excess mucus is collected in bronchioles. The smokers' cough is very harmful for the respiratory system.

What are bad effects of smokers cough?

Answer: If smoker smokes a lot, the tobacco weakens the walls of alveoli. Initially, the cough breaks down the walls of alveoli and if cough extends than normal, it may burst the alveoli.

What if cough is vigorous?

Answer: If the cough is vigorous, then the smoker cannot oxygenate the blood. The damaged alveoli and the effects of carbon dioxide make the smoker breathless and the smoker would feel tired on even a little exertion.

What is Emphysema?

Answer: The disease of tiredness due to slightest exertion is known as Emphysema.