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Plant Transport - Science Learning 3

Practice Plant Transport questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, how can phloem be described?, what are cross walls?, what are companion cells?, what is sequence of mineral and water transport?, what is sequence of transport of food? and others below.

Plant Transport Learning 3

How can phloem be described?

Answer: Phloem consists of living cells that are joined end to end. Unlike xylem, the cross walls of phloem tube s do not disappear, they develop perforations like a sieve.

What are cross walls?

Answer: Cross walls also known as sieve plates develop into sieve tubes. It is through the sieve tubes that the food is transported.

What are companion cells?

Answer: Companion cells grow on the side of the sieve tubes. These cells are believed to be efficient for the movement of food through the tubes.

What is sequence of mineral and water transport?

Answer: Water and mineral salts travel in the xylem vessels, upwards in the plant stem, from roots to the leaves nearly every second.

What is sequence of transport of food?

Answer: Food travels in the phloem vessels, down the plant from the leaves to the rest of the plant where it is required in sufficient amounts.