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Plant Reproduction - Science Learning 1

Practice Plant Reproduction questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, why is reproduction important?, what is meant by word extinct?, which plants and animals would survive?, what is sexual reproduction?, what is fertilization? and others below.

Plant Reproduction Learning 1

Why is reproduction important?

Answer: Everyone has to die one day, so reproduction is very important because without reproduction the species would extinct and the generations won't be carried further on earth.

What is meant by word extinct?

Answer: The word 'extinct' means no longer living on earth. Extinction is a period when a specie or a group of animals finishes ir dies, leaving no offspring on earth.

Which plants and animals would survive?

Answer: Plants and animals that will survive on earth would be only those which reproduce. Their generations will carry on and they won't get extinct.

What is sexual reproduction?

Answer: Many plants reproduce sexually. Sexual reproduction is a type of reproduction in which two parents take part i.e. male and female.

What is fertilization?

Answer: Fertilization is a process when a male gamete (cell) joins with the female gamete (cell). Fertilization only occurs in sexual reproduction.