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Body Transport System - Science Learning 1

Practice Body Transport System questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, why is blood important?, why blood is medium?, how does blood move?, what is job of heart?, what is circulatory system? and others below.

Body Transport System Learning 1

Why is blood important?

Answer: If your body is to keep working properly, food, oxygen, water and heat to be carried from one place to another. Carbon dioxide and other waste materials have to be excreted from the body. Blood is the medium for all these things.

Why blood is medium?

Answer: Blood is a medium because it flows through the blood vessels carrying different things around the whole body.

How does blood move?

Answer: Blood cannot move on its own, or by the strength of gravity of earth. A strong machinery is required that can pump it around the whole body at one beat. We have an organ in the center of the chest with strong muscular walls that helps pumping blood around the whole body. This organ is 'Heart'.

What is job of heart?

Answer: Heart has only one job and it will keep on carrying it until we die. The job of the heart is to pump the blood from lungs to rest of the body including head, feet, legs, arms and many more organs.

What is circulatory system?

Answer: The transport system of the body is known as the Circulatory system. It contains three main things i.e. blood, blood vessels and heart.