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Food Energy and Respiration - Science Learning 8

Practice Food Energy and Respiration questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, how body tries to fight flu virus?, how is flu treated?, what is result of viruses when we sneeze?, why should tissue paper or handkerchief used?, what is asthma? and others below.

Food Energy and Respiration Learning 8

How body tries to fight flu virus?

Answer: Body releases different substances in order to fight the flu virus. During this stage, our body may suffer with headaches, muscle aches, fever and weakness.

How is flu treated?

Answer: Vaccination is a process used to treat flu. Vaccines are injected in the body to prevent influenza, but the virus keeps on changing so it is difficult to produce a vaccine that can takeover that virus and cure the sickness.

What is result of viruses when we sneeze?

Answer: The number of viruses spread due to a sneeze are 100,000 up to 10 meters of distance.

Why should tissue paper or handkerchief used?

Answer: Tissue or handkerchief should be used to cover your mouth and nose in order to prevent the spread of 100,000 viruses that can reach up to a distance of 10 meters.

What is Asthma?

Answer: Asthma is a disease in which muscles of the bronchi contract making it difficult for the person to inhale air.