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Plant Transport - Science Learning 4

Practice Plant Transport questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is transpiration?, what is translocation?, how are xylem and phloem arranged in stem?, what is vascular bundle?, why are plant roots important? and others below.

Plant Transport Learning 4

What is transpiration?

Answer: Transpiration is a process in which water is lost from the leaves of the cell through small opening, so that more water can be taken up.

What is translocation?

Answer: Translocation is a process in which prepared food moves from leaves to rest of the plants where it is required for respiration.

How are xylem and phloem arranged in stem?

Answer: Xylem and phloem are arranged in vascular bundles in stem. In the stem, these vascular bundles are arranged in circular patterns, just beneath the outer layer of cells.

What is vascular bundle?

Answer: Vascular bundles are phloem and xylem combined together. Vascular bundles contain many strong fibres that help to make the stem strong and withstand the force of strong winds.

Why are plant roots important?

Answer: Plant roots soke up water and minerals from the soil, and help in resiting the pulling and stretching force when the stem is blown.