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Plant Transport - Science Learning 6

Practice Plant Transport questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is semi-permaeable membrane?, what is cell sap?, how does mineral salts enter roots?, what is active transport?, how minerals salts are taken up? and others below.

Plant Transport Learning 6

What is semi-permaeable membrane?

Answer: Semi-permeable membrane is a cell membrane that allows only useful substances to enter the cell.

What is cell sap?

Answer: Cell sap is a solution of concentrated sugars, mineral salts and other substances.

How does mineral salts enter roots?

Answer: Mineral salts and other important nutrients enter the plant by a process known as active transport. This process uses energy.

What is active transport?

Answer: Active transport is a phenomenon of movement of particles from lower to higher concentration with the use of energy, this energy comes from photosynthesis.

How minerals salts are taken up?

Answer: Some mineral salts enter the roots by a simple process known as diffusion. Due to opposite concentration difference, some minerals move up the roots by a process known as active transport. Diffusion and active transport are opposite to each other.