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Mastering Physics - Questions and Answers 1

Learn physics questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as how many disciplines physical sciences are divided?, what is plasma physics?, how physics can be applied?, define physical quantities?, what are base quantities?, and many others.

Physics Prepration Exam Notes 1

  1. How many disciplines physical sciences are divided
  2. What is plasma physics
  3. How physics can be applied
  4. Define physical quantities
  5. What are base quantities
  6. How can express liters
  7. What are base units
  8. What is pressure and units of pressure
  9. What are prefixes
  10. How to express Hz in MHz
  11. What is scientific notation
  12. How to express in scientific notation
  13. What is meter rule
  14. What is eye position measuring from meter rule
  15. What is Vernier caliper
  16. Define least count
  17. How to calculate least count
  18. What is zero error
  19. What is least count of screw gauge
  20. Is vernier caliper is more precise or screw gauge
  21. What is difference between mechanical and digital watch
  22. How to find volume of irregular shaped solid
  23. What is difference between rest and motion
  24. How rest and motion are relative
  25. What is translatory motion
  26. What is difference between linear and translatory motion
  27. What is difference between circular and rotatory motion
  28. What is vibratory motion
  29. What are scalar quantities
  30. Why vectors cannot be described by only magnitude
  31. What is difference between distance and displacement
  32. Define uniform speed
  33. How LIDAR gun is used to calculate vehicle speed
  34. What is acceleration
  35. When object is said to be moving with constant speed
  36. What is speed time graph of object with constant speed
  37. What is gravitational acceleration
  38. Define force with examples
  39. Why heavier objects are difficult to move
  40. Where would coin go over a glass
  41. What is a momentum
  42. Why does small bullet have strong impact
  43. What is net force
  44. Why book placed on table stays there
  45. Why ball rolling on rough surface stops earlier
  46. Why passengers fall outward on sharp turn
  47. Define Newtons 2nd law of motion
  48. What is 1N
  49. What is difference between mass and weight
  50. What is force which causes rocket to take off