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The Motor Vehicles Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (Motor Vehicles Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Test 1 to learn inventions online courses. Practice Inventions and Inventors trivia questions, Motor Vehicles Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. The Motor Vehicles Quiz App Download: Free learning app for snowblower, music synthesizer, 4 stroke engine, email, motor vehicles test prep for online school courses.

The Quiz MCQ: First practical modern vehicle was invented in; "Motor Vehicles" App Download (Free) with answers: 1875; 1880; 1845; 1886; for online school classes. Solve inventions and inventors questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online education.

Motor Vehicles Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 1

MCQ 1:

The first practical modern vehicle was invented in

  1. 1880
  2. 1875
  3. 1845
  4. 1886
MCQ 2:

In which one of the following country, email was invented?

  1. Norway
  2. Spain
  3. America
  4. Canada
MCQ 3:

4 Stroke engine was invented by a German engineer named as

  1. Sir Nikolaus Otto
  2. Uno Vilho
  3. Dr Dennis Colonello
  4. Dr Larry wang
MCQ 4:

Music Synthesizer was invented by

  1. Sir Charles Fenerty
  2. Sir Hugh Le Caine
  3. Sir Charles Fenerty
  4. Sir Alfred J.Gross
MCQ 5:

Snow blower was invented in

  1. 1922
  2. 1962
  3. 1945
  4. 1925

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