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Science for kids - Questions and Answers 6

Learn kids science questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as how does large trees take up water?, what is root pressure?, what could be an example of diffusion?, how are gases exchanged in plants?, where do gases enter and leave plant?, and many others.

Science Prepration Exam Notes 6

  1. How does large trees take up water
  2. What is root pressure
  3. What could be an example of diffusion
  4. How are gases exchanged in plants
  5. Where do gases enter and leave plant
  6. In large trees how gases are exchanged
  7. From where does roots take up oxygen
  8. Why is reproduction important
  9. What is meant by word extinct
  10. Which plants and animals would survive
  11. What is sexual reproduction
  12. What is fertilization
  13. What is flower
  14. How many parts does flower has
  15. How are these parts arranged
  16. What are sepals
  17. What are petals
  18. What are stamens
  19. What is anther and what does it contain
  20. What is filament an why is it useful
  21. What is carpel
  22. What is ovary
  23. What is stigma
  24. What is ovule
  25. What is pollination
  26. How many types of pollination are there
  27. What is self-pollination
  28. What is cross-pollination
  29. Why is cross pollination better
  30. What is disadvantage of self-pollination