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Science for kids - Questions and Answers 3

Learn kids science questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as what are harmful effects of carbon dioxide?, what are initial effects of tobacco smoke?, what causes smoker to cough?, what are bad effects of smokers cough?, what if cough is vigorous?, and many others.

Science Prepration Exam Notes 3

  1. What are harmful effects of carbon dioxide
  2. What are initial effects of tobacco smoke
  3. What causes smoker to cough
  4. What are bad effects of smokers cough
  5. What if cough is vigorous
  6. What is Emphysema
  7. What is bronchitis
  8. Who mostly has bronchitis
  9. What is chance of smokers of dying from bronchitis
  10. What is passive smoking
  11. Why is blood important
  12. Why blood is medium
  13. How does blood move
  14. What is job of heart
  15. What is circulatory system
  16. What is pulse
  17. How is pulse detected
  18. Why thumb should not be used while checking pulse
  19. Where are pulses felt
  20. What is happening to heart
  21. Why blood moves around body
  22. Why is heart useful
  23. What is inside heart
  24. How are atria and ventricles separated
  25. Which blood vessel carries blood and where
  26. Which chamber is connected to which vessel
  27. What happens when atria are full of blood
  28. What happens when blood enters ventricles
  29. What makes heart sound like lub
  30. What makes heart sound like dub
  31. What blood is found on right hand side
  32. What is deoxygenated blood
  33. How is deoxygenated blood pumped to lungs
  34. What happens in lungs
  35. Where is blood taken after lungs
  36. What is oxygenated blood
  37. When is blood shifted to right hand side
  38. How many times blood enters heart in one circulation
  39. Why are walls of left ventricle stronger
  40. At which side of chest is heart located
  41. What is situation of blood when it leaves heart
  42. What is an artery
  43. Which vessel carries blood to lungs
  44. How does content diffuse into cells from blood
  45. What are capillaries
  46. What happens after exchange of substances
  47. What is vein
  48. What is pulmonary vein
  49. How does blood flow in arteries
  50. What are properties of blood in arteries