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Science for kids - Questions and Answers 5

Learn kids science questions with answers, online quiz learning with exam preparation notes with questions as what happens if diabetes is not treated?, what is heart transplant?, how is heart transplant done?, how long it takes to recover from heart transplant?, what is role of immune system in heart transplant?, and many others.

Science Prepration Exam Notes 5

  1. What happens if diabetes is not treated
  2. What is heart transplant
  3. How is heart transplant done
  4. How long it takes to recover from heart transplant
  5. What is role of immune system in heart transplant
  6. How long does person survive after heart transplant
  7. What is photosynthesis
  8. What are raw products used by plants
  9. What is chlorophyll
  10. What are xylem and phloem
  11. What are properties of vessels
  12. What is job of xylem
  13. What is job of phloem
  14. How are gases transported
  15. Why do not plants require huge amount of raw materials
  16. How can xylem be described
  17. How can phloem be described
  18. What are cross walls
  19. What are companion cells
  20. What is sequence of mineral and water transport
  21. What is sequence of transport of food
  22. What is transpiration
  23. What is translocation
  24. How are xylem and phloem arranged in stem
  25. What is vascular bundle
  26. Why are plant roots important
  27. How are xylem and phloem arranged in roots
  28. How does roots get energy and grow
  29. What is root cap
  30. What are root hairs
  31. What is osmosis
  32. What is semi-permaeable membrane
  33. What is cell sap
  34. How does mineral salts enter roots
  35. What is active transport
  36. How minerals salts are taken up
  37. What is diffusion
  38. What are enzymes
  39. What is activation energy
  40. How does water and mineral salts reach xylem vessels
  41. Why is transpiration important
  42. What are stomata
  43. What is transpiration stream
  44. How does rate of transpiration vary
  45. What plants do if water intake is less
  46. What is wilting
  47. What is affect of light on rate of transpiration
  48. How does temperature affect rate of transpiration
  49. What is affect of wind on transpiration
  50. How does humidity affect rate of transpiration