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Learn Oesophagus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice oesophagus quiz answers PDF to study online 9th grade biology course. Nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Oesophagus quiz questions PDF for free online classes. "Oesophagus MCQ" PDF eBook: digestion in human, functions of liver, human food components, oral cavity selection grinding and partial digestion test prep for online school courses.

"The esophagus connects the pharynx to the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on oesophagus with choices kidney, stomach, lungs, and liver for free online classes. Study nutrition quiz questions for online certificate programs for online secondary school classes.

MCQs on Oesophagus

MCQ: The esophagus connects the pharynx to the


MCQ: The length of esophagus in an adult human is

25 cm
30 cm
20 cm
15 cm

MCQ: The portion of the stomach which is present immediately after the esophagus is known as

pyloric portion
cardiac portion
opsin portion
gastric portion

MCQ: The bolus enters into the stomach from the esophagus through the sphincter called

pepsin sphincter
cardiac sphincter
gastric sphincter
pyloric sphincter