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Learn Meristems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), meristems quiz answers PDF to study 9th grade biology online course. Cells and Tissues Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Meristems quiz questions PDF for online education. Meristems Book PDF: compound tissues, cell organelles test prep for taking online classes.

"The meristems that are located on lateral sides of shoot and roots are called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on meristems App APK with cutin meristems, lateral meristems, vascular meristems, and epidermal meristems choices for online education. Study cells and tissues quiz questions for online certificate programs for online school and college.

MCQs on Meristems

MCQ: The meristems that are located on lateral sides of shoot and roots are called

cutin meristems
lateral meristems
vascular meristems
epidermal meristems

MCQ: The meristems that are located at the tips of shoots and roots are called

cambium meristems
vascular meristems
apical meristems
lateral meristems

MCQ: The growth of lateral meristems is also known as

primary growth
secondary growth
tertiary growth
epidermal growth

MCQ: The division of apical meristems leads to the

decrease in vascular cambium
increase in plant length
decrease in plant length
increase in vascular cambium

MCQ: The division of lateral meristems leads to an increase in

growth of parts of plants