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Human Urinary System MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Human urinary system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), human urinary system quiz answers PDF to practice grade 10 biology test for online classes. Learn homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Human Urinary System" quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Learn urinary system facts, plant homeostasis, urinary system functions, urine composition, human urinary system test prep for online education programs.

"In human kidneys, the single duct in which distal convoluted tubules opens is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transport: transpiration with choices proximal duct, renal duct, papillary duct, and collecting duct for distance learning. Free biology student portal for online learning homeostasis quiz questions for high school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Human Urinary System PDF Download eBook

MCQ: In human kidneys, the single duct in which distal convoluted tubules opens is called

  1. proximal duct
  2. renal duct
  3. papillary duct
  4. collecting duct


MCQ: In body fluids, the excess water causes dilute urine also known as

  1. hyper-hilus
  2. hypotonic
  3. hypertonic
  4. hilus


MCQ: In humans, the urinary system is also known as

  1. excretory system
  2. mineral absorption system
  3. salt absorption system
  4. blood oxygenation system


MCQ: The kidneys in humans are placed against the back side wall of

  1. renal cavity
  2. abdominal cavity
  3. vertebral cavity
  4. glomerulus cavity


MCQ: In humans urinary systems, the kidneys are protected by

  1. last two ribs
  2. last four ribs
  3. last six ribs
  4. last eight ribs