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Microspore MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Microspore Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), microspore quiz answers PDF to practice grade 10 biology test for online classes. Learn reproduction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Microspore" quiz questions and answers for online high school classes. Learn seed germination, mitosis and cell reproduction, methods of asexual reproduction, microspore test prep for distance learning.

"Haploid microspores are produced within" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on problems related to malnutrition with choices stamens, carpels, filament, and pollen sac for online high school classes. Free biology student portal for online learning reproduction quiz questions for online courses.

MCQs on Microspore PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Haploid microspores are produced within

  1. stamens
  2. carpels
  3. filament
  4. pollen sac


MCQ: The haploid microspores produced in pollen sacs are called

  1. ovary
  2. anther
  3. stamen
  4. carpel


MCQ: The process which undergoes into the microspore nucleus is known as

  1. binary fission
  2. mitosis
  3. meiosis
  4. calluses


MCQ: A germinated microspore has

  1. tube nucleus only
  2. two sperms only
  3. three sperms
  4. tube nucleus and two sperms


MCQ: A germinated microspore contains a tube nucleus and

  1. three sperms
  2. one sperms
  3. four sperms
  4. two sperms