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Learn Linear graphs and applications Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), linear graphs and applications quiz answers PDF to study grade 9 math course test 1 for online courses. Maths for Class 9 MCQs, linear graphs and applications quiz questions and answers for online study. Linear Graphs and Applications Book PDF: maths for class 9, conversion graphs, cartesian plane and linear graphs test prep for distance learning.

"The seat of an employee is 4th place in the 2nd row, so it corresponds to the ordered pair" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): linear graphs and applications App APK with (2, 4), (4, 2), (3, 5), and (6, 4) choices for online study. Practice maths for class 9 quiz questions for school certificate programs for taking online classes.

MCQs on Linear Graphs and Applications Quiz

MCQ: The seat of an employee is 4th place in the 2nd row, so it corresponds to the ordered pair

(4, 2)
(2, 4)
(3, 5)
(6, 4)

MCQ: If °C is degrees Celsius and °F is degrees Fahrenheit then °F is equal to

(5 ⁄ 9 × °C) + 32
(5 ⁄ 9 × °C) - 32
(9 ⁄ 5 × °C) + 32
(9 ⁄ 5 × °C) - 32

MCQ: The point of intersection of two coordinate axes is called

vertical plane
horizontal plane

MCQ: The x-coordinate of a point is called


MCQ: The horizontal line XOX' on Cartesian plane is called

order pair
none of above

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