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K Method MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

K method Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), k method quiz answers PDF to practice grade 10 math test for online classes. Learn ratio, proportions and variations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "K Method" quiz questions and answers for online education programs. Learn math theorems, math: ratios, proportion, k method test prep for online degrees.

"If u⁄v = v⁄w = k then" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on kilowatt hour with choices u = wk², u = vk², u = w²k, and u = v²k for online education programs. Free math student portal for online learning ratio, proportions and variations quiz questions for taking online classes.

MCQs on K Method PDF Download eBook

MCQ: If u⁄v = v⁄w = k then

  1. u = wk²
  2. u = vk²
  3. u = w²k
  4. u = v²k