Joint Variation MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Joint variation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), joint variation quiz answers PDF to practice grade 10 math test for online school programs. Learn ratio, proportions and variations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Joint Variation" quiz questions and answers for online high school classes. Learn math: ratios, math: variation, joint variation test prep for virtual online school.

"If x ∝ y² then" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on and gate operation with choices x = y², x = ky², xy² = 1, and xy² = k for online high school classes. Free math student portal for online learning ratio, proportions and variations quiz questions for school certificate.

MCQs on Joint Variation PDF Download eBook

MCQ: If x ∝ y² then

  1. x = y²
  2. x = ky²
  3. xy² = 1
  4. xy² = k


MCQ: If u²∝1⁄v³ then the value of u² should be

  1. k⁄v³
  2. 1⁄v³
  3. kv³


MCQ: A combination of direct and inverse variations of one or more than one variables is known as

  1. direct variation
  2. inverse variation
  3. joint variation
  4. complex variation