Fundamentals of Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions 10 Download PDF

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) on fundamentals of chemistry quiz answers PDF, chemistry test 10 for online degree courses. Practice "Avogadro Number and Mole" MCQs, fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers for online study. Learn gram atomic mass molecular mass and gram formula, elements compounds and mixtures, relative atomic mass and mass unit, chemical calculations, atomic and mass number test prep for online study.

"The gram atomic mass of Zn is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on fundamentals of chemistry with choices 12g, 23g, 63.54g, and 56.67g for online study. Free chemistry study guide for online learning avogadro number and mole quiz questions for online secondary school.

Fundamentals of Chemistry MCQs Quiz 10 Download PDF

MCQ: The gram atomic mass of Zn is

  1. 23g
  2. 12g
  3. 63.54g
  4. 56.67g


MCQ: A substance whose all atoms have the same atomic number is

  1. molecule
  2. atom
  3. element
  4. ion


MCQ: A hydrogen atom is

  1. 8.40% as massive as C-12
  2. 10% as massive as C-12
  3. 20% as massive as C-12
  4. 30% as massive as C-12


MCQ: A balloon filled with 5g of hydrogen contains

  1. 2.48 moles of H2
  2. 3.48 moles of H2
  3. 4.48 moles of H2
  4. 5 moles of H2


MCQ: The number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus if the atomic number of an element is 17 and the mass number is 35, is

  1. 17 and 18
  2. 17 and 19
  3. 17 and 20
  4. 17 and 21