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Fundamentals of Chemistry Practice Test PDF Download eBook - 8

Solve Fundamentals of chemistry mock test for exam PDF, fundamentals of chemistry trivia worksheets with answers key to practice 9th grade chemistry worksheet 8 for online learning. Practice "Molecular and Formula Mass" MCQs, fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers for virtual secondary school. Learn avogadro number and mole, branches of chemistry, chemical calculations, elements compounds and mixtures, empirical and molecular formulas test prep for online study.

"The number of atoms in 5 moles of nitrogen atom is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on fundamentals of chemistry with choices 4.1 * 1030, 3.01 * 1024, 3.9 * 1032, and 5 * 1056 for virtual secondary school. Solve molecular and formula mass quiz questions for school certificate programs for secondary school graduation certificate.

Fundamentals of Chemistry MCQs Quiz 8 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The number of atoms in 5 moles of nitrogen atom is

  1. 3.01 * 1024
  2. 4.1 * 1030
  3. 3.9 * 1032
  4. 5 * 1056


MCQ: The branch of chemistry which deals with a substance containing carbon is called

  1. carbon chemistry
  2. inorganic chemistry
  3. organic chemistry
  4. environmental chemistry


MCQ: The mass of 1 mole of sucrose is

  1. 320g
  2. 342g
  3. 341g
  4. 340g


MCQ: The matter is anything that occupies

  1. space only
  2. mass only
  3. time
  4. space and mass


MCQ: The formula which gives the simplest whole-number ratio of atoms is

  1. empirical formula
  2. molecular formula
  3. chemical formula
  4. actual formula