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Solve Fundamentals of chemistry worksheets with answers, fundamentals of chemistry trivia questions with answers PDF to practice grade 9 chemistry worksheet 8 for online learning. Practice Avogadro Number and Mole MCQs, fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers for virtual secondary school. Fundamentals of Chemistry MCQ PDF: avogadro number and mole, branches of chemistry, chemical calculations, elements compounds and mixtures, empirical and molecular formulas test prep for online study.

"The number of atoms in 5 moles of nitrogen atom is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on fundamentals of chemistry with choices 4.1 * 1030, 3.01 * 1024, 3.9 * 1032, and 5 * 1056 for virtual secondary school. Solve avogadro number and mole quiz questions for school certificate programs for secondary school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Fundamentals of Chemistry Quiz

MCQ: The number of atoms in 5 moles of nitrogen atom is

3.01 * 1024
4.1 * 1030
3.9 * 1032
5 * 1056

MCQ: The branch of chemistry which deals with a substance containing carbon is called

carbon chemistry
inorganic chemistry
organic chemistry
environmental chemistry

MCQ: The mass of 1 mole of sucrose is


MCQ: The matter is anything that occupies

space only
mass only
space and mass

MCQ: The formula which gives the simplest whole-number ratio of atoms is

empirical formula
molecular formula
chemical formula
actual formula