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Solutions Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download eBook

Practice Solutions MCQ questions and answers PDF, solutions quiz answers PDF worksheets to solve grade 9 chemistry test 2 for online classes. Practice "Types of Solutions" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), solutions quiz questions and answers for online courses. Learn aqueous solution solute and solvent, types of solutions, solubility, saturated unsaturated supersaturated and dilution of solution, concentration units test prep for online classes.

"A mixture that has a uniform composition throughout is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on solutions with choices super saturated solution, saturated solution, solution, and solvent for online courses. Solve chemistry study guide for online courses types of solutions quiz questions for free online courses.

Solutions MCQs Quiz 2 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: A mixture that has a uniform composition throughout is called

  1. saturated solution
  2. super saturated solution
  3. solution
  4. solvent


MCQ: The solution of mercury with other metals is called

  1. amalgam
  2. saturated solution
  3. supersaturated solution
  4. unsaturated solution


MCQ: Solubility is the amount of solute dissolved in

  1. 50 g of solvent
  2. 100 g of solvent
  3. 250 g of solvent
  4. 200 g of solvent


MCQ: At a particular temperature, the solution which cannot dissolve more solute is called

  1. saturated solution
  2. unsaturated solution
  3. aqueous solution
  4. supersaturated solution


MCQ: Commercially concentrated HCl is

  1. 0.4
  2. 0.5
  3. 0.37
  4. 0.8