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Physical States of Matter Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

The e-Book Physical states of matter Quiz Questions and Answers, physical states of matter MCQ questions with answers PDF 3 to study online courses, class 9 chemistry tests. Practice Typical Properties MCQs, physical states of matter quiz questions and answers for school certificate. The e-Book "Physical States of Matter Quiz" App Download: typical properties, liquid state and properties, gas laws, solid state and properties test prep for free online classes.

The Quiz "The movement of molecules from higher concentration to lower concentration is called" PDF, Physical States of Matter App iOS & Android (Free) with concentration, diffusion, effusion, and mobility choices for school certificate. Study typical properties quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online school courses.

Class 9 Chemistry: Physical States of Matter Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The movement of molecules from higher concentration to lower concentration is called

A) diffusion
B) concentration
C) effusion
D) mobility

MCQ: At Mount Everest, the water boils at

A) 100 °C
B) 90 °C
C) 80 °C
D) 70 °C

MCQ: The barometer is invented by

A) Galileo
B) Robert Boyle
C) Charles
D) Torricelli

MCQ: The melting and freezing of a substance occurs as

A) same temperature
B) more than melting point
C) more than freezing point
D) less than boiling point

MCQ: If the liquid is heated to increase the kinetic energy then the liquid will

A) evaporate slowly
B) evaporate faster
C) not evaporate
D) boil

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