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Study Fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers, fundamentals of chemistry MCQ questions with answers PDF to study grade 9 chemistry course test 3 for online classes. Relative Atomic Mass and Mass Unit MCQs, fundamentals of chemistry quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Fundamentals of Chemistry Book PDF: relative atomic mass and mass unit, elements compounds and mixtures, molecular and formula mass test prep for online education programs.

"The relative atomic mass of Na is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): fundamentals of chemistry App APK with 22.9898 amu, 1.008 amu, 26.9815 amu, and 15.9994 amu choices for distance learning. Learn relative atomic mass and mass unit quiz questions for school certificate programs for secondary school graduation certificate.

Fundamentals of Chemistry Questions and Answers

MCQ: The relative atomic mass of Na is

1.008 amu
22.9898 amu
26.9815 amu
15.9994 amu

MCQ: The mass of an atom relative to C-12 is

atomic mass
atomic number
nucleon number
relative atomic mass

MCQ: Over 70% of earth's crust is covered with


MCQ: The list which contains only elements is

air, water, oxygen
Hydrogen, oxygen, brass
Air, water, fire, earth
Calcium, Sulphur, carbon

MCQ: The formula mass indicates the simplest ration between

cations only
anions only
cation and anions

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