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Biodiversity Trivia Questions and Answers PDF - 4

The Biodiversity Trivia Questions and Answers PDF, biodiversity Quiz Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 1-4 to study Grade 9 Biology Course. Practice Biodiversity Classification MCQ PDF, Biodiversity Quiz Questions and Answers to learn online courses. The Biodiversity Trivia App Download: Free certification app for biodiversity classification, classification system, five kingdom, loss and conservation of biodiversity, class 9 biology: biodiversity test prep for online secondary school.

The Trivia Quiz: Basic unit of classification is a; "Biodiversity" App APK Download with answers: Family; Specie; Community; Population; to learn online courses. Practice Biodiversity Classification MCQ Questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online school courses.

Biodiversity Questions & Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 4

MCQ 16:

The basic unit of classification is a

  1. specie
  2. family
  3. community
  4. population
MCQ 17:

The name of biologist who objected two-kingdom classification and proposed a third kingdom is

  1. Rachel Carson
  2. Ernst Haeckel
  3. David Baltimore
  4. James Watson
MCQ 18:

Prions and viroid's are

  1. unicellular
  2. multicellular
  3. acellular
  4. bicellular
MCQ 19:

The change in climate causes species difficulty in

  1. adjustment
  2. migration
  3. extinction
  4. reproduction
MCQ 20:

All the organisms share many biological

  1. habitat
  2. characteristics
  3. factors
  4. regions

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