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Air and Water Pollution Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 4

Solve Air and water pollution worksheets with answers, air and water pollution trivia questions with answers PDF to practice grade 7 geography worksheet 4 for online learning. Practice Types of Pollution MCQs, air and water pollution quiz questions and answers for online elementary school classes. Air and Water Pollution MCQ PDF: types of pollution, consequences of pollution test prep for virtual online school.

"The Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) remains in atmosphere for" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on air and water pollution with choices 30 to 50 years, 22 to 111 years, 80 to 90 years, and 10 to 20 years for online elementary school classes. Solve types of pollution quiz questions for school certificate programs for school certificate.

MCQs on Air and Water Pollution Quiz

MCQ: The Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) remains in atmosphere for

22 to 111 years
30 to 50 years
80 to 90 years
10 to 20 years

MCQ: The waste which takes 1 month to be decomposed in landfill is

leather shoe
banana peel
plastic bag
paper bag

MCQ: The continent whose rivers are most polluted in world is

North America
South America

MCQ: The causes of air pollution includes

cars and motor vehicles
power plants and industries
all of above

MCQ: According to World Health Organization, the percentage of the deaths due to environmental factors is