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Folding Process Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF Download

The Folding process Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF, Folding Process MCQ PDF e-Book download to practice Grade 8 Geography Tests. Study Folds and Faults Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Folding Process quiz answers PDF for online certificate programs. The Folding Process MCQ App Download: Free learning app for folds and mountains, faulting process test prep for online teaching certification programs.

The MCQ: When two geological forces from opposite directions act on each other, rock layers within Earth's crust; "Folding Process" App Download (Free) with answers: Fold; Crack; Vibrate; Subduct; for online certificate programs. Solve Folds and Faults Quiz Questions, download Apple eBook (Free Sample) for online study.

Folding Process MCQs: Questions and Answers PDF Download

MCQ 1:

Folding also takes place on a large scale when two

  1. oceanic plates collide
  2. one continental and one oceanic plate collide
  3. one pacific and one arctic plate collide
  4. continental plates collide
MCQ 2:

When two geological forces from opposite directions act on each other, the rock layers within the Earth's crust

  1. fold
  2. crack
  3. vibrate
  4. subduct
MCQ 3:

The slant sides of the folding rocks are known as

  1. limbs
  2. syncline
  3. anticline
  4. cliff
MCQ 4:

The tremendous compressional forces exerted on the rock layers by geological movements causes rock layers to

  1. crack
  2. bend
  3. heat up
  4. vibrate
MCQ 5:

The range formed due to the collision of Indo-Australian and Eurasian Plate is

  1. Himalayas
  2. Hindu Kush Range
  3. Karakoram Range
  4. Andes

Class 8 Geography Practice Tests

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The App: Folding Process MCQs App to study Folding Process textbook, 8th Grade Geography MCQ App, and 7th Grade Geography MCQ App. The "Folding Process" App to free download iOS & Android Apps includes complete analytics with interactive assessments. Download App Store & Play Store learning Apps & enjoy 100% functionality with subscriptions!

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Folding Process App (Android & iOS)

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