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Nouns in English Worksheet with Answers PDF Download

Study nouns in english multiple choice questions, grade 7 online a level physics 4, nouns multiple choice questions with answers as i saw a herd of wild horses. (which word is a collective noun?), below. Free assessment test for online study nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Nouns in English - Quiz 4

MCQ: I saw a herd of wild horses. (Which word is a collective noun?)

  1. wild
  2. saw
  3. I
  4. herd


MCQ: First aid was given to the wounded man. (Which word is a collective noun?

  1. given
  2. was
  3. first aid
  4. man


MCQ: She praises him as realistic leader. (Which word is an abstract noun?)

  1. praises
  2. leader
  3. him
  4. she


MCQ: A surgeon operated my father. (Which word is common noun?)

  1. Surgeon
  2. my
  3. father
  4. operated


MCQ: My sister eats chocolate. (Which word is a nominative noun?)

  1. sister
  2. eats
  3. chocolate
  4. my