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The Book Electrolysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), electrolysis quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, 7th grade science tests. Practice Electrical Circuits and Electric Currents Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Electrolysis quiz questions PDF for distance education. The e-Book Electrolysis MCQ App Download: electrical circuits and currents, electric motors, chemical effect of electric current test prep for free online classes.

The MCQ: Electrolysis is also used to purify PDF, "Electrolysis" App Download (Free) with sodium, copper, silver, and potassium choices for distance education. Solve electrical circuits and electric currents quiz questions , download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online school classes.

Chapter 6 MCQs: Electrolysis Quiz

MCQ: Electrolysis is also used to purify

A) sodium
B) copper
C) silver
D) potassium

MCQ: When water is electrolyzed, the gas collected at cathode, is

A) sulphur
B) oxygen
C) hydrogen
D) sulphur dioxide

MCQ: For electrolysis to work, used compound should be a

A) insulator
B) conductor
C) metalloid
D) non conductor

MCQ: The complete equipment of 'electrolysis' is known as

A) electrolytic cell
B) electrolytic circuit
C) electrolytic current
D) electrolytic process

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