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Types of Verbs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

Practice Types of verbs multiple choice questions and answers, types of verbs quiz answers PDF to solve grade 7 english worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice Verbs MCQs, types of verbs quiz questions and answers for online school courses. Types of Verbs MCQ PDF: verbs test prep for online education.

The MCQ: Why ___________ he call his reflection an ugly idol? PDF, "types of verbs" App Download (Free) with choices did, do, doing, and be for online school courses. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for free online classes.

Class 7 English: Types of Verbs Quiz

MCQ: Why ___________ he call his reflection an ugly idol?

A) do
B) did
C) doing
D) be

MCQ: I think, you ___________ read more books.

A) does
B) must
C) done
D) must been

MCQ: He ___________ sat there for three hours.

A) has
B) does
C) do
D) be

MCQ: What ___________ the doctor's advice to the patient?

A) were
B) are
C) is
D) am

MCQ: Why did she ___________ this foolish act?

A) does
B) done
C) do
D) doing

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