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Electrons and Shells MCQ Quiz PDF Download

Learn Electrons and shells Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), electrons and shells quiz answers PDF to study 7th grade science online course. Atoms and Atom Model Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Electrons and Shells quiz questions PDF for online learning. Electrons and Shells Book PDF: inside an atom, uses of radioisotopes, ionic bonds, mass number and isotopes test prep for online school classes.

"Electrons revolve around the nucleus as fast as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on electrons and shells App APK with sound in air, sound in liquid, sound in solid, and sound in light choices for online learning. Study atoms and atom model quiz questions for online certificate programs for online learning.

MCQs on Electrons and Shells

MCQ: Electrons revolve around the nucleus as fast as

sound in air
sound in liquid
sound in solid
sound in light

MCQ: Electrons are mainly

bundle of light
bundle of energy

MCQ: In a drawing of atom, shells are indicated by


MCQ: Second shell can hold up to

four electrons
six electrons
eight electrons
twelve electrons

MCQ: The second shell with the second energy level is known as

shell B
shell L
shell P
shell K