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Organic Chemistry Quiz Answers PDF Download - 19

The Book Organic chemistry Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, organic chemistry MCQ questions, test 19 to study online class 10 chemistry distance learning course. Download Organic Compounds and Chemistry MCQs PDF, organic chemistry quiz questions and answers for virtual high school. The eBook Organic Chemistry Quiz App Download: organic compounds and chemistry, chemistry: organic compounds test prep for online study.

The Quiz: What is the term used for a series of related compounds in which any two adjacent molecules differ by -CH2- group? PDF, Organic Chemistry App iOS & Android (Free) with functional groups, cyclic compounds, homologous series, and none of above choices for virtual high school. Study organic compounds and chemistry quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for high school graduation certificate.

Class 10 Chemistry: Organic Chemistry Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: What is the term used for a series of related compounds in which any two adjacent molecules differ by -CH2- group?

A) cyclic compounds
B) functional groups
C) homologous series
D) none of above

MCQ: The phenomena in which compounds have the same molecular formula but different structures are called

A) multimerism
B) isomerism
C) catenation
D) allomerism

MCQ: What is the term used for a formula that describes the arrangement of atoms in a molecule?

A) molecular formula
B) structural formula
C) condensed formula
D) none of above

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