MCQ Questions and Answets on Reproduction Quiz 56 Download PDF

Reproduction MCQ questions and answers, reproduction quiz answers PDF, biology test 56 for online certificate courses. Practice "Sexual Reproduction in Animals" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), reproduction quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. Learn introduction to reproduction, sexual reproduction in plants, sexual reproduction in animals, methods of asexual reproduction test prep for online courses.

"The types of reproduction include" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on reproduction with choices sexual reproduction only, asexual reproduction only, fragmented reproduction, and asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction for online degree programs. Free biology study guide for online learning sexual reproduction in animals quiz questions for online high school.

Reproduction MCQs Quiz 56 Download PDF

MCQ: The types of reproduction include

  1. asexual reproduction only
  2. sexual reproduction only
  3. fragmented reproduction
  4. asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction


MCQ: The flower components are arranged in the form of

  1. whorls
  2. petals
  3. sepals
  4. stems


MCQ: The changes occurred in non-motile spermatids converts the spermatids into

  1. chromosome
  2. acrosome
  3. hostile cells
  4. motile cells


MCQ: After maturation, the sperms move from the epididymis to

  1. testis
  2. collecting duct
  3. seminal vesicles
  4. vas deferens


MCQ: In most fungi, the thick-walled spore sacs called

  1. spore sacs
  2. sporangia
  3. Sporophore
  4. spore cells