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Learn Homeostasis multiple choice questions and answers, homeostasis quiz answers PDF to learn grade 10 biology test 1 for online courses. Human Urinary System MCQs, homeostasis quiz questions and answers for distance learning. "Homeostasis MCQ" PDF Book: human urinary system, human kidney, urinary system of humans, kidney disease test prep for online education programs.

"In human kidneys, the single duct in which distal convoluted tubules opens is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on homeostasis with choices renal duct, proximal duct, papillary duct, and collecting duct for distance learning. Practice human urinary system quiz questions for school certificate programs for high school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Homeostasis Quiz

MCQ: In human kidneys, the single duct in which distal convoluted tubules opens is called

proximal duct
renal duct
papillary duct
collecting duct

MCQ: In the human kidney, the renal tubule last portion is classified as

hilus convoluted tubule
renal convoluted tubule
proximal convoluted tubule
distal convoluted tubule

MCQ: In body fluids, the excess water causes dilute urine also known as


MCQ: The reabsorption of salts during urine formation is allowed by

descending limp of loop of Henle
ascending limp of loop of Henle
Bowman's capsule

MCQ: The kidney dialysis and kidney transplant are the two treatments for

misbalance in glomerular filtrate
kidney failure
kidney stones
misbalance of osmoregulation

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