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Learn Biology test prep Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), biology test prep quiz answers PDF to study 10th grade biology online course. Homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Biology Test Prep quiz questions PDF for online classes. Biology Test Prep Book PDF: urinary system of humans, human kidney, human urinary system test prep for online certifications.

"In renal medulla of the kidneys, the cone-shaped areas are known as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on biology test prep App APK with buccal cavity, abdominal cavity, renal pyramids, and renal cavity choices for online classes. Study homeostasis quiz questions for online certificate programs for distance education.

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MCQ: In renal medulla of the kidneys, the cone-shaped areas are known as

buccal cavity
abdominal cavity
renal pyramids
renal cavity

MCQ: The urine is carried to the urinary bladder from kidneys by the

gall bladder
sclerenchyma tissues

MCQ: The second U-shaped portion of the renal tubule of the kidney is called

loop of bowman's capsule
loop of glomerulus
loop of Henle
loop of proximal

MCQ: In each human kidney, the number of nephrons is over

three million
one million
two million
half million

MCQ: In renal corpuscle of the human kidneys, the cup-shaped structure in which glomerulus is enclosed is known as

bowman's capsule
distal convoluted tubule
proximal convoluted tubule