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Learn Man and environment multiple choice questions and answers, man and environment quiz answers PDF to learn grade 10 biology test 1 for online courses. Flow of Materials and Energy in Ecosystems MCQs, man and environment quiz questions and answers for online school classes. "Man and Environment MCQ" PDF Book: flow of materials and energy in ecosystems, interactions in ecosystem, biology: pollution, pollution: consequences and control, ecology test prep for online schools.

"Which of the following is the correct order for a simple food chain?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on man and environment with choices grass, grasshopper, sparrow, hawk, grasshopper, sparrow, grass, hawk, hawk, sparrow, grass, grasshopper, and grass, hawk, grasshopper, sparrow for online school classes. Practice flow of materials and energy in ecosystems quiz questions for school certificate programs for high school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Man and Environment Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following is the correct order for a simple food chain?

grasshopper, sparrow, grass, hawk
grass, grasshopper, sparrow, hawk
hawk, sparrow, grass, grasshopper
grass, hawk, grasshopper, sparrow

MCQ: Symbiosis is a relationship between the members of

same species
two species
different species
equal species

MCQ: Burning of petroleum produces

nitrogen dioxide
ammonium dioxide
Sulphur dioxide
carbon dioxide

MCQ: The process in which inorganic nutrients are enriched with water is called


MCQ: Considering the Earth's ecosystem, the consumers are classified as

tertiary autotrophs
secondary autotrophs

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