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Pharmacology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 19

Free Pharmacology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (pharmacology Quiz PDF e-Book) download Ch. 8-19 to learn Grade 10 Biology Course. Solve Lymphocytes MCQs PDF, Pharmacology Quiz Questions and Answers to study online courses. The Pharmacology Quiz App: Download free learning app for lymphocytes, medicinal drugs, antibiotics and vaccines, narcotics drugs test prep for online high school classes.

The Quiz: B-lymphocytes recognize; "Pharmacology" App Download (iOS & Android) with answers ‘dead pathogens’, ‘living pathogens’, ‘weak pathogens’ and ‘active pathogens’ to study online courses. Study Lymphocytes MCQ Questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online certificate courses.

Pharmacology Questions & Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 19

MCQ 91: B-lymphocytes recognize the

  1. living pathogens
  2. dead pathogens
  3. weak pathogens
  4. active pathogens

MCQ 92: Which of the following scientists discovered the antibiotic penicillin?

  1. Joseph Lister
  2. Alexander Flemming
  3. Bu ali Sina
  4. Ali ibn Isa

MCQ 93: The cephalosporin antibiotics are used in the treatment of

  1. lung cancer
  2. bronchitis
  3. urinary tract infection
  4. intestine infection

MCQ 94: Vaccines are used to develop immunity against

  1. bacterial infection
  2. viral infection
  3. fungal infection
  4. viral and bacterial infection

MCQ 95: The narcotics drugs such as codeine and morphine act directly on

  1. lungs and kidneys
  2. central nervous system
  3. kidneys and livers
  4. heart and lungs

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Pharmacology App (Android & iOS)

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