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Practice Homeostasis multiple choice questions and answers, homeostasis quiz answers PDF to solve grade 10 biology worksheet 5 for online courses. Practice Urinary System of Humans MCQs, homeostasis quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Homeostasis MCQ PDF: urinary system of humans, plant homeostasis, human kidney, urinary system structure, urinary system functions test prep for free online classes.

"A depression near the center of the concave area of the kidney is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on homeostasis with choices renal pelvis, nephron, renal medulla, and hilus for distance learning. Solve urinary system of humans quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance education.

MCQs on Homeostasis Quiz

MCQ: A depression near the center of the concave area of the kidney is called

renal pelvis
renal medulla

MCQ: In plants, the extra water is removed with the help of


MCQ: In human kidneys, the functional unit of the kidneys is also classified as

all of above

MCQ: The outer, dark red part of the kidney is called

renal cortex
renal medulla
renal pelvis
renal pyramid

MCQ: Blood enters the kidney through

renal vein
renal artery
afferent arteriole