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Pyruvic Acid MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Pyruvic acid Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve pyruvic acid quiz answers PDF worksheet, 9th grade biology test for online courses. Practice bioenergetics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Pyruvic Acid quiz questions PDF for distance learning. Pyruvic Acid MCQ PDF: limiting factors of photosynthesis, mechanism of photosynthesis, atp cells energy currency, pyruvic acid test prep for online education programs.

"In anaerobic respiration, the pyruvic acid is not oxidized completely and turns into" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on human brain with choices ethane, methyl alcohol, methane, and ethyl alcohol for distance learning. Solve bioenergetics quiz questions for online certificate programs for secondary school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Pyruvic Acid PDF Download eBook

MCQ: In anaerobic respiration, the pyruvic acid is not oxidized completely and turns into

  1. ethane
  2. methyl alcohol
  3. methane
  4. ethyl alcohol


MCQ: The two carbon compound in which pyruvic acid is changed is called

  1. methane-CoA
  2. ethyl-CoA
  3. methyl-CoA
  4. acetyl-CoA


MCQ: The molecule of pyruvic acid is equal to

  1. (11-C)
  2. (8-C)
  3. (3-C)
  4. (9-C)


MCQ: During alcoholic fermentation, the pyruvic acid is broken down into

  1. monosaccharide
  2. alcohol
  3. glucose
  4. polysaccharides


MCQ: In the Krebs cycle phase of aerobic respiration, the molecules of pyruvic acid are

  1. completely metabolize
  2. completely oxidized
  3. completely anatomize
  4. completely catabolize