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Platelets MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Platelets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice platelets quiz answers PDF, 9th grade biology worksheets for online degrees. Solve transport Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Platelets" quiz questions PDF for virtual secondary school. Learn atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, blood groups, arterial system, platelets test prep for online schools.

"The blood cells that do not have any pigment and nucleus are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on receptors in humans with choices agranulocytes, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes for virtual secondary school. Solve transport quiz questions for online certificate programs for online secondary school classes.

MCQs on Platelets PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The blood cells that do not have any pigment and nucleus are

  1. Agranulocytes
  2. erythrocytes
  3. leukocytes
  4. thrombocytes


MCQ: The dengue fever leads to the decrease in

  1. sucrose
  2. white blood cells
  3. platelets
  4. red blood cells


MCQ: The temporary seal at damaged areas is classified as

  1. clot
  2. cristae
  3. sternum
  4. none of above


MCQ: The white substance seen at sites of infection which is the accumulation of dead cells is called

  1. cristae
  2. sternum
  3. clot
  4. pus


MCQ: The number of platelets in one cubic millimeter of blood is

  1. 100000
  2. 150000
  3. 250000
  4. 350000