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Weathered Pieces of Rocks MCQ with Answers PDF

Weathered pieces of rocks Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice weathered pieces of rocks quiz answers PDF to study online 8th grade science course. Rocks and Weathering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Weathered Pieces of Rocks quiz questions PDF for online elementary school. "Weathered Pieces of Rocks Book" PDF: sediments and layers, weathered pieces of rocks, weathering of rocks, how are rocks made test prep for online education programs.

"With the passage of time the transported sediments become" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on weathered pieces of rocks with choices smoother, smaller, rounder, and all of them for online elementary school. Study rocks and weathering quiz questions for online certificate programs for online elementary school.

MCQs on Weathered Pieces of Rocks

MCQ: With the passage of time the transported sediments become

all of them

MCQ: While transportation sediments are sorted according to their

chemical properties

MCQ: Sediments are the particles of

clay and sand
rock fragments
all of them

MCQ: Sediments are transported and deposited by help of

water currents
stagnant water
water ponds
water dams