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Igneous Rocks MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Igneous rocks Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), igneous rocks quiz answers PDF to study online courses, 8th grade science tests. Solve Rock Cycle Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Igneous Rocks quiz questions PDF for online education programs. The App Igneous Rocks MCQ eBook PDF Download: igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks test prep for online school and college.

The MCQ: A crystalline or glassy rock formed when magma or lava cools down and solidifies is called PDF, "Igneous Rocks" App Download (Free) with sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, and morphic rocks choices for online education programs. Study rock cycle quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online certificate courses.

Class 8 Science: Igneous Rocks MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: A crystalline or glassy rock formed when magma or lava cools down and solidifies is called

A) sedimentary rocks
B) metamorphic rocks
C) igneous rocks
D) morphic rocks

MCQ: Obsidian is rich in

A) silica
B) iron
C) cobalt
D) calcium

MCQ: A rock which is formed after lava eruption is called

A) Basalt
B) granite
C) sandstone
D) limestone

MCQ: A stone which is used to sooth skin is glassy volcanic rock formed from lava froth is

A) obsidian
B) pumice
C) basalt
D) granite

MCQ: Iron-rich igneous rocks are denser than rocks which are rich in

A) silica
B) Sulphur
C) cobalt
D) calcium

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