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Grade 8 English MCQs - Chapter 6

What are Nouns Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Download - 5

Practice What are nouns multiple choice questions and answers, what are nouns quiz answers PDF to solve grade 8 english worksheet 5 for online courses. Practice Nouns MCQs, what are nouns quiz questions and answers for online school courses. What are Nouns MCQ PDF: nouns test prep for online teaching certification programs.

"She knows, Adam well. (Which word is a vocative noun?)" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on what are nouns with choices she, adam, knows, and well for online school courses. Solve nouns quiz questions for school certificate programs for online teaching certification programs.

MCQs on What are Nouns Quiz

MCQ: She knows, Adam well. (Which word is a vocative noun?)

A) Adam
B) she
C) knows
D) well

MCQ: Pizza is delicious, I love to eat it. (Which word is a subject noun?)

A) delicious
B) love
C) Pizza
D) eat

MCQ: She has a new furniture, which is made of wood. (Which word is an inanimate noun?)

A) made
B) new
C) wood
D) which

MCQ: My elder son came to see me. (Which word is a singular noun?)

A) elder
B) son
C) came
D) see

MCQ: A carpenter makes wooden furniture.. (Which word is a nominative noun?)

A) makes
B) wooden
C) carpenter
D) furniture

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